Towing in The New Year

My final shoot of 2009 was also my first shoot of 2010. Early New Year's Eve morning I hopped aboard a boat and cruised around Lake Washington photographing a newly built floating home as it made its slow journey from the construction dock in Ballard to it's home in Portage Bay.

It was pretty damned cold out for Seattle but the weather held up nicely and the sun seemed to peek through the haze at just the right moments to illuminate the awesome lines of the floating home designed by architect Ryan Mankoski of Ninebark Design Build and built by Dyna Contracting.

As the home passed under bridges and rounded Gasworks Park I couldn't help but think what an appropriate assignment this was to finish off the year and set the tone for the New Year to come. What a journey it has been so far. Can't wait to see what's next...

(I'll post more from the interior shoot soon)