Seattle Floating Home Interiors

I thought I'd post some interior photographs from my last shoot of 2009 and first shoot of 2010: A wonderfully contemporary new floating home. Once again the weather gods were on our side and what started out as an overcast morning with a light sprinkle of rain turned turned in to a great afternoon with sunbreaks and dramatic clouds.

I have a love/hate relationship with this type of weather in Seattle. I love the light that we get after a storm. It is so dramatic as it filters through the changing cloud cover. However, the clouds and the light are often changing so quickly that it can become a bit of a frustrating hide-and-seek game to anticipate where and when the sun is going to show up. You've got to have your camera set-up and ready and you've got to be quick.

Another tricky aspect specific to photographing floating homes is that they are floating (duh ;-) ). So they are never perfectly level and the view out the windows changes a bit from shot to shot as they move and bob around on the water. So traditional methods of leveling the camera are pretty much useless as a floating home will sit differently on the water depending on the location of furniture and even people. The movements are subtle, but definitely noticeable.