Roland Terry for Sale

In addition to doing architectural and interior design photography, I also photograph a fair amount of high end real estate for sale here in the Seattle area. Usually the properties for sale are fairly typical, but every so often I have the opportunity to photograph some really special places. This week I photographed a home designed by renowned Northwest architect Roland Terry.

Roland Terry Interior

It's interesting that a home designed and built 40 years ago can remain so contemporary in feel. Even the interior furnishings, done by another Northwest legend Jean Jongeward, look like they could have been installed last year. The only thing that dates the place are the fixtures and appliances.

It is somewhat bittersweet photographing some of these older but well designed homes as they more than likely will be torn down to make room for a new home. One can only hope that what ever is put up in it's place is designed and built with the same level of thoughtfulness, style and craftsmanship.