The update/minor re-vamp of aaronleitz.com, the definitive source for exquisite interior and architectural photography for Seattle area architects and designers, is done and the new site is up and running. At first glance it appears that things haven't changed much from the older site but a closer look reveals some important tweaks (at least I think so).

First of all, aaronleitz.com is now 100% flash free and is made entirely out of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This is good for a few reasons. The website can now be seen on any mobile device. It looks fabulous on an iPad if I don't say so myself. Free of the confines of a flash gallery, each individual image has it's own url and can now be linked to individually. And the whole thing seems to load a bit snappier and with fewer hiccups than when the galleries were all in flash.

Second, the navigation has been updated and made more user friendly. The preview thumbnails are larger and the viewer has four ways to navigate through the images: * clicking on a thumbnail image * "previous" and "next" buttons * using the arrow keys on the keyboard * clicking on the left or the right side of the image

Last but not least....I've added some fabulous new interior images to the gallery. I was torn between whether I should put all the new portfolio images at the front or mixed in with the "older" images. I decided to mix them in with the rest for now. I've got some more images that I'm excited to put up but will have to wait due to upcoming publication (hopefully soon...)