Kalef Alaton for Sale

Every so often I get the opportunity to photograph notable/interesting homes for sale (see "Roland Terry for Sale" post). This week I had the pleasure of photographing a home on the shores of Lake Washington with interiors done by Kalef Alaton. Kalef Alaton living room

Though Alaton died relatively young in 1989, his work was highly regarded and was published often throughout the 1980's. Today, many acclaimed contemporary interior designers still name him as a source of inspiration and influence. This home was published in the June 1984 issue of Architectural Digest. Like all great interior designers, his work has that timeless quality to it where the only clues as to the age of the project can be found in dated fixtures or worn upholstery.

Kalef Alaton living room

Of course, this being Springtime in Seattle, the weather was less than cooperative on the day of the shoot. Fortunately, I will most likely be back in the next few weeks on a nicer day to take some evening photos.