Olive Way Starbucks

Last week I photographed the newly remodeled Olive Way Starbucks store the weekend before it's grand opening/unveiling to the public. Front exterior of Starbucks Olive Way Store

There has been a lot of buzz around this store for a number of reasons but primarily because it represents a major new direction for Starbucks. While both "inspired by Starbucks" stores in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood have been serving beer and wine for almost a year, The Olive Way store will be the first branded Starbucks store to serve beer and wine (after 4pm).

The Olive Way store is also the first branded Starbucks store to really get a significant interior and exterior design update and it looks fabulous, especially if you had seen what it looked like before the remodel. Since the store was not yet open to the public, we had the luxury of photographing during the day instead of the middle of the night. The location has great Southern and Eastern exposure and gets wonderful natural daylight all day long.