Well, I'm glad that I didn't make "posting to the blog more often" one of my New Year's Resolutions! If it weren't for the newsworthy photo spread in the new issue of Luxe Magazine to kick me back in to gear the Aaron Leitz Photography Blog would probably be almost a month in to the new year without a post. In my defense the last few weeks have been very busy at Leitz World Headquarters working on getting Mrs. Leitz's new business up and running: A "boutique" private Pilates studio. LEITZ PILATES. We'll be 100% live and ready to rock and roll by next week and everyone is very excited. Here's a sneak peek at the space:

Gratz Pilates equipment at Leitz Pilates Studio

I did spend some time during the final days of 2010 reflecting on the year and putting to paper (laptop screen actually) some goals and ideas for 2011. One of my resolutions is to shoot more self-assigned work and not necessarily all interior and architecture focused. A few years ago I helped my friend and incredibly talented fashion designer/stylist Tanya Ellis photograph some pieces for her first collection:

I had no clue what I was doing and I was totally out of my element and obviously you're not going to be seeing my fashion work in Vogue Magazine any time soon but I had so much fun. I need to be throwing my self "in to the deep end" like that a lot more this year.

So I think it's fixin' to be a good 2011. I've got some really cool architecture projects already lined up for the next few months and am looking forward to organizing some self-assigned projects to shake it up a little....