The Kolstrand Building

Well this post has been a long time coming. I had been wanting to photograph the Kolstrand Building since late last year but conflicting schedules and poor weather conspired against me. The interior spaces were photographed early this year but it wasn't until just a few weeks ago that the weather cleared enough so that I was able to get a good photograph of the exterior.

Located in Ballard Avenue's Landmark Historic District, the Kolstrand Building is Graham Baba Architect's revisioning of an old marine hardware warehouse in to an ultra-cool mixed use space. On the ground floor you have the Dutch Bike Company and two great eateries: Ethan Stowell's new restaurant Staple & Fancy and the coolest oyster bar I've ever seen, The Walrus & The Carpenter.

Upstairs are the lovely ladies of Duo PR and a trio of awesome creatives: Wintr, Turnstyle, and Stoke. It's like a one-stop shopping place to start your unique business. You can come up with your idea, get help with your website, advertising and PR, graphic design, brand management, and take new clients to dinner and drinks all in the same building!