On Location - UW ME&S Building

Testing out a new ladder/tripod set-up while taking a few photographs for Construction Specialties of the new University of Washington Molecular Engineering & Sciences building by ZGF Architects.

As a Husky undergrad alumnus and graduate school dropout, it felt great to be back on campus. Frisbee golf through the Quad and down to Drumheller Fountain! Who's with me??!!?....

UPDATE: I've had a few questions about my "ladder/tripod" set up. It really should be called "ladder/monopod." It's essentially a geared head fixed to a heavy duty light stand and mounts to the ladder via a Super Clamp. It's quite sturdy though best results are had by making the necessary camera adjustments and then climbing down from the ladder and releasing the shutter with a remote trigger. I'm working on a few changes to make it even more stable.