Fremont Collective Part 1: The Whale Wins

I've been spending a couple of days over the past few weeks photographing the Fremont Collective - another awesome project developed by the gentlemen at Evolution Projects. fremont-collective1

Much like the Kolstrand Building I photographed a while back, the Fremont Collective used to be an old vacant eyesore of a warehouse. Now it's home to Evo, a rad ski/snowboard shop, and two amazing restaurants - The Whale Wins and Joule.


For the restaurant spaces, the architect (Heliotrope Architects) and the contractor (Dovetail GC) wanted strong architectural photographs but also wanted to capture the vibe and feel of the spaces when filled with people. So we decided to photograph during regular dining hours with real patrons. All the images were taken handheld so that I could move quickly and stay as inconspicuous as possible - no tripod or additional lighting was used. The challenge was to capture the employees and patrons as they interacted and moved around the space while still paying close attention to the architectural elements and overall composition of the photograph - as I had to get everything right in a single exposure.

Here are a few photographs of The Whale Wins: