Hilltop House - Mountain Landing, New Zealand

Now that the editorial situation has become more clear I can finally post some of the photographs from my shoot last November of the "Hilltop House" in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand for Terry Hunziker and Cheshire Architects. cheshire-mtnlanding1

Sitting on 1000 acres in the heart of the Bay of Islands Mountain Landing is a truly stunning setting and one of the most remarkable places I've ever been. The owner has spent over a decade painstakingly "developing" the property - planting over 2 million trees and plants from seed (there's an impressive full-time plant nursery on site), building paths and footbridges, and thoughtfully designating potential homesites. It's not uncommon to come across perfectly manicured scenes like this while wandering the property:


Cheshire Architects did a wonderful job of creating a thoroughly beautiful modern home using a traditional New Zealand countryside vernacular - from a distance the house looks like it could be a barn or farmland cottage. And Terry Hunziker's interiors bring a warm comfortable elegance to the relatively large living spaces.