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Protege Update: Jaunts With The D

As the year comes to a close I thought I'd post a Protege Update. It's been a busy year for The Protege. He has been such a quick study that now on many smaller photo shoots he will operate the camera while I act as art director... d-camera1

He has also developed a refined and mature sense of style considering his rather young age and has been instrumental in the styling of many shoots...

"I feel this shot is just so sparse without a bouncy ball in it." - Seattle Apartment by Terry Hunziker

Testing the birdbath water levels at "Studio House" - by Tom Kundig | Olson Kundig Architects

Gear procurement? Check...


Location Scouting? Done...


I've had a lot of fun collaborating with The Protege this year and am very excited for the future. I've created a place to chronicle our outings and escapades (or "jaunts" as we call them) here: Jaunts With The D. Be sure to check it out.

Amazin' Grazers

When the going gets tough, the tough get...goats.

It's a lot of work owning a 1940's house with multiple outdoor spaces and for the past few years interior upgrades have taken priority over exterior landscaping. We've done our best to maintain the property as a whole but since we don't want to be "those neighbors" much of the effort and funding has gone towards keeping a presentable front yard curb appeal. The backyard has been our dirty little secret. But after years of neglect it was spiraling out of control and something had to be done to get it manageable again. And hell if I was going to do it. Which naturally left us with only one rational option: rent a pack of goats and have them spend the weekend feasting on our backyard. So we gave Adrienne at Amazin' Grazers a call.

In just two days Adrienne and her merry band of 11 ruminants transformed our 2,000 sq ft backyard from this:

to this:

It was awesome. For 48 hours straight the goats quietly munched on our backyard weed jungle stopping only for short water/sun/shade/cud chewing breaks. In the evening we left our bedroom window open to be lulled asleep by the soothing sounds of the leaves being snapped from the bushes. Surprised at just how unique each goat was, both in looks and personality, I decided that I wanted to take a portrait of each one. Initially my rough plan was to make the portraits somewhat formal - "regal" if you will. But the large light spooked some of the goats and others thought that we were crossing the fence to give them peanuts so we photographed the rest pretty off the cuff with the available light on hand.

And here are some of my favorites from the "Portraits of Goats" series...