Teavana for Starbucks

A few photos from a shoot of the new Seattle University Village Teavana Store I did a few weeks ago for Starbucks Design Group. Another very cool retail space! Check out the burly raw wood table with handmade nails and hardware. And the glass tubes overhead are filled with different varieties of tea. sbx-teavana-detail

Blufftop House by Graham Architecture

graham-newport-ext1 A few photos from a project I photographed earlier this Summer in Newport Beach, CA for Graham Architects and Michael Fullen Design Group. The house is perched on a hill and boasts an unobstructed view West over Balboa Island and out to the Pacific Ocean.



The back exterior was a tricky shot to get as there was no where to put the camera close to the house. So as twilight approached we hustled down to the Balboa Island bridge armed with a 400mm telephoto lens. The multi-second exposure had to be timed just so, as any passing cars caused vibrations on the bridge that blurred the image.


Umpqua Bank San Francisco Store

umpqua-sf1 Some images from Umpqua Bank's shiny new flagship store in the heart of San Francisco's financial district that I photographed a few weeks ago. The shoot was definitely a challenge as there was a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the opening of the bank so the place was packed with people. Luckily we had a full crew on hand (2 models, makeup, wardrobe, producer, art director) so that we had some amount of control over who was in the shot and when. Even so, most of the photographs are composites of a single scene since it was nearly impossible to shoot a single frame without a person somewhere in the shot.


Umpqua Bank really pulled out all the stops for this location. Cool murals, huge touchscreens, iPads, iMacs, gourmet coffee and private meeting rooms that anyone can sign up to use regardless if they're an Umpqua client or not.



Synapse for Gensler

gensler-syn-leitz1 Here's a few photographs from a shoot I did for Gensler last month of the new Synapse offices in downtown Seattle. Synapse does product development for a broad range of clients - from Nike to Apple to Boeing. We were only able to photograph a few of the spaces as much of the office is restricted access - lots of super top secret stuff going on!



Fremont Collective Part 3: EVO

fc-1 In addition to two great restaurants (Joule and The Whale Wins), the Fremont Collective building is also home to the EVO Seattle flagship store. Heliotrope Architects kept the open floor plan warehouse feel by reusing original materials and adding fixtures of steel and wood including a interesting two story free standing cube structure that houses the main registers, an elevator and back office space.


Tom Kundig's Studio House

leitz-kundigstudio4 I recently had the opportunity to photograph Tom Kundig's iconic "Studio House." Not much else to say really - a stunning piece of residential architecture.

Fremont Collective Part 2: Joule

leitz-fremontcollective1 Below are some of my favorite photographs of Joule - the other fabulous restaurant in The Fremont Collective. Unlike the photos of The Whale Wins, most of the evening photographs of Joule were shot on a tripod as it was just too dark to get the kind of shots I wanted handheld.

Frolik at The Red Lion 5th Avenue

red-lion-suite2 Here are some images of the new remodel project at the 5th Avenue Red Lion Hotel in downtown Seattle that we photographed a few weeks ago, including its brand new tricked out fun-n-games restaurant/bar "Frolik."

Fremont Collective Part 1: The Whale Wins

I've been spending a couple of days over the past few weeks photographing the Fremont Collective - another awesome project developed by the gentlemen at Evolution Projects. fremont-collective1

Much like the Kolstrand Building I photographed a while back, the Fremont Collective used to be an old vacant eyesore of a warehouse. Now it's home to Evo, a rad ski/snowboard shop, and two amazing restaurants - The Whale Wins and Joule.


For the restaurant spaces, the architect (Heliotrope Architects) and the contractor (Dovetail GC) wanted strong architectural photographs but also wanted to capture the vibe and feel of the spaces when filled with people. So we decided to photograph during regular dining hours with real patrons. All the images were taken handheld so that I could move quickly and stay as inconspicuous as possible - no tripod or additional lighting was used. The challenge was to capture the employees and patrons as they interacted and moved around the space while still paying close attention to the architectural elements and overall composition of the photograph - as I had to get everything right in a single exposure.

Here are a few photographs of The Whale Wins:

Umpqua Bank, San Jose CA

This photo shoot for Ditroen and Umpqua Bank was certainly an adventure. As soon as I arrived I started feeling a bit queasy, which was strange because the new Umpqua Bank store is a wonderful and relaxing space. We managed to get one photograph before I was hit with full-on food poisoning. After a day spent at the hotel wallowing in misery I rallied and we got some great shots. Maybe "adventure" wasn't the right word to use.... umpqua-int1