Sites I Like

Terry Hunziker is Online

Well it's been a long time coming but Terry Hunziker launched his brand new website this week.

I'm not eloquent enough to describe Terry's work so instead of me telling you that "it's totally rad", you should just go to his website right now and check it out. And it's not just me that likes his work. Terry has been featured on Architectural Digest's "AD 100" list of the world's top designers and architects for twenty two consecutive years now - that's every year since the list's inception in 1990.

To say that Terry has had an influence on my work as an interior design photographer would be a gross understatement. I met Terry when I was first starting out as a professional photographer and his feedback and critiques have been instrumental in the development of my visual style and how I approach not only architecture and interior design photography but photography in general.

Website Portfolio Update

New front page image for website I've finally got around to uploading some more images to my website. Most of the images are from relatively recent projects but a few are from projects that I photographed over two years ago but have been kept in the dark due to publication embargoes. I've added a bunch to the "residential" section of the website and a few to the "commercial" section as well. Winter weather (ie: rain) is in full effect here in Seattle but I've still got a small handful of very cool projects coming up before the year is out (some located in warmer/sunnier climes) so hopefully I can add a few more to the site before the New Year.

I was experimenting with other images for the front splash page of the website but I have gotten so much positive feedback regarding the floating home image that it will stay up on the front for now. It's definitely one of my fav's....

Vic Muniz is a Cool Guy

A few months ago I was photographing the interiors of a home that contained some wonderful pieces of art. The one piece that really struck me though was a HUGE 5' x 7' photograph by Vic Muniz. At first glance I thought the piece was a painting...

But a closer inspection reveals that the work is actually a photograph and the scene is made entirely of junk...

In addition to checking out Vic's other fabulous work on his website, you absolutely must see WASTE LAND - the 2010 Oscar nominated documentary about the making of his "Pictures of Garbage" series (but it's about so much more than that)...

WASTE LAND Official Trailer from Almega Projects on Vimeo.

Cool Video Links Pt1

I've been spending days and days researching and learning about the world of video "motion." Ignoring artistry and aesthetics for now, the equipment, technical and logistical concerns are so much more complex than still photography. There's codecs and NLEs and bins and filters and fluid heads and grading and dollys and booms and fps and just tinkering around in iMovie takes me HOURS and plenty of F-Bombs. I am, however, enjoying all the learning and in my hours of searching I've come across some pretty cool stuff. Here's a few recent vids that caught my eye.... It might take a watch or two to get past the absolutely jaw dropping freestyle riding skills of Danny MacAskill featured in this video but notice how well done the camera/post work is as well:


An artful skate video:


And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't include something that had to do with architecture. Here's a wonderful ode to Louis Kahn's iconic Exeter Library done completely in CGI. Amazing: